Thursday, 8 December 2016

Heading into Christmas....

It seems the truck issues of November are long in the rear view mirror.  In the end it cost us almost $7000.  Thanks to Worlee and other generous donors, we were able to cover the cost.  Then it was on to Christmas.

The first stage was our Winter boot give away for our recipients.  The Northface(VF) generously donates "returned" boots to be dispersed to people in need.  This year we were able to distribute 240 pairs of winter boots.  The boot distribution is a chaotic whirlwind event, but the smiles and appreciation of those receiving is well worth it.

Next phase was to start our Turkey drive.  We need 200 turkeys.  Thanks to people out in the community that grab hold of this and rally their friends, relatives and strangers to get involved, we are already at 177!  A HUGE shout out to Deb Elvidge, the Rogue runners and all of her contacts for the crazy amount of turkeys they donated.  Thank you Deb!

Now we are full swing into Toy and food collection.  With the help of West Island Mommies and Avon, we will have enough toys and other goodies to give our kids a great Christmas.  So many people, schools and companies are collecting food for us.  Merck, Phizer, Hagen, GoBac and many more have jumped in to help.  Every day cars pull up with trunks and backseats full of food.  All of this makes a huge difference.

Without our community jumping in, we would not be able to meet the needs that present themselves every day.  This is a crazy time of year.  So many balls in the air and so many needs. But when you see it all come together, it is well worth it.  Together, we make a difference.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The On Rock truck broke down a few weeks ago. Now it needs some major engine work by a specialist. The bottom line is, this is going to cost about $4000. Money we do not have. I am asking the community to come together and help pay for this work. We are already struggling, so this is a huge deal. You can donate by going to, hit the donate button at the top of the page. Click on "Other" as the type of gift and put "truck repair" in the memo. Every little bit helps. Thank you